DeKalb Upgrades Water & Sewer Billing for the Junction

April 14, 2017

The DeKalb Town Board, has passed a resolution to purchase new software for the Water & Sewer billing.  To make a smooth transition, please complete the requested information below.  Do include your email address and cell phone numbers.  By including this information, the clerk will be able to quickly update you if there are any water or sewer emergency events.

With the new system, you will be able to pay your bill on line with a credit/debit card by direct payment.  More information will be after the program has been installed.  Of course, you will still be able to pay as you have in the past. 

Failure to provide requested information may result in misinformation transferred to new billing program

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Service Address: _______________________________________________________________

Billing Address: (PO Box) ________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________________   Cell Phone: ____________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________

If you leave the area for an extended time during the winter months, what is the best way to reach you: ____________________________________________________________________

Is there any other information you think is important for the clerk to know? _________________


Options for responding:

Mail to Town Clerk PO Box 133 DeKalb Jct., NY 13630

Drop off at the Clerk’s office (there is a mail slot in the door if after hours)

Telephone 315-347-3331


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in providing updated information.


Barbara A. Creazzo

Town Clerk,

Town of DeKalb

© 2017 Town Of De Kalb, St.Lawrence County
Printed On April 25, 2017