Website Policy

Town of De Kalb Website Policy

Website Policy for the Town of De Kalb

                                                        Adopted by the Town Board 3/21/2012



I.               Purpose

The primary purpose of the Town of De Kalb’s website is to provide information about the Town and its local governance and services in a manner that is timely, manageable, efficient, organized, and thorough as practicable, with the intent of enhancing communication between the Town’s officials and staff and the residents of the Town.  Its secondary goal is to provide a means of communication among residents and local organizations on matters that promote the quality of the Town’s economic, social and cultural life.


II.             Content

The categories of information on the website may include, but are not limited to:

1)    Agendas of Town Board and other official meetings

2)    Assessment Information

3)    Boards & Committees of local government

4)    Budget of the Town

5)    Calendar of official and community events

6)    Community Development Plan

7)    Community Group listing and information

8)    Court information

9)    Departments of Town Government

10)            Demographics of the Town from the US Census

11)            Economic Development (including listing of local businesses)

12)            Educational Facilities

13)            History of the Town

14)            Local Laws

15)            Links to governmental and other organization web sites

16)            Minutes of governmental meetings

17)            News promoting the community, residents, local groups, and events

18)            Officials – responsibilities, contact information and brief  biographies

19)            Parks & Recreation – programs and sites

20)            Photographs of local scenes, officials and activities

21)            Religious Organizations

22)            Village of Richville

23)            Weather

24)            Website Policy


The Town of De Kalb may post information other than official meeting notices or reports regarding events of an entertainment or informational value that the Webmaster deems to be of interest to people within the community.  The posting of this information is not to be considered an endorsement of any event, organization or business by the Town of

De Kalb and is provided solely for the convenience of visitors to the site.


All Town of De Kalb residents and organizations are welcome to submit information to the Webmaster regarding public events and items of general interest.  Items will be assessed for timeliness, appropriateness, and general interest to De Kalb residents or visitors, and shall be included on the Web Site at the Webmaster’s discretion, subject to the oversight of the Town Board.



III.           Editorial Responsibility

The realities of web site administration require that a Web Site Administrator (Webmaster) have the ability to make changes on a day-to-day basis.  In order to make this web site viable, the Town Board appoints and delegates to a Webmaster the right and responsibility to serve as the de facto editor of the Town of De Kalb website.  The Webmaster is responsible for the selection of content, including the suitability of links to external sites or organizations within acceptable community standards under the Town Board’s guidance, but the Town Board reserves the right to override any decisions regarding content or complaints at its sole discretion. The Town Supervisor shall have the authority to make such judgments on behalf of the Board between its meetings.


IV.        Disclaimer of Liability

The materials on the website are provided for information purposes only and reliance upon such materials may not serve as the basis for a claim or cause of action against the Town of De Kalb, or any of its agencies, employees, representatives, or agents.   While the Town strives to present current and accurate information on its website, the Town of De Kalb does not warrant or make any representations as to the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information provided, or of the links contained on this site.  Site users are advised to consult the official documents of the Town of De Kalb at the Town Hall, 2907 County Route 27, De Kalb Junction NY.


The Town of De Kalb web site provides links to other web sites as a convenience to the users of this site.  The Town of De Kalb has no control over these external sites and is not responsible for their content nor does the inclusion of links to such sites imply any endorsement by the Town of De Kalb or the Webmaster of the material on such sites.  In order to avoid the appearance of endorsement of political content, links shall not be made to sites that are associated with, sponsored by, or serving any candidate for elected office, or any political party or organization.


Communications with Town Officials made through e-mail links contained on this site shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal notice to or service upon the Town of De Kalb, or an of its agencies, officers, employees or Board Members.




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Printed On April 25, 2017