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St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association
Welcome to the St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association Website. The new website has been a long time in the building process. Our members have been asking for many years to have trail conditions in one spot so here it is. This website will showcase all our clubs and trail conditions in one area. It will continue to be a work in progress. Any and all suggestions about the website would be greatly appreciated. If you have information to add to the Website, please contact any officer or send us an email.

Website address:
Each Club has their own page. Click on Club at the top then your club to get to your page. When you click on the Facebook word it connects directly to your Facebook page. Your email is also blue so you can click on the blue email work and it hyperlinks to send an email automatically to your club. I am working on the phone numbers. If you pull website up in iPhone or ipad the phone number turns blue which hyperlinks it to dial the phone also. I’ll work on this more to work on android phones.
Underneath the information box in each club is free flow meaning we can add a paragraph or pictures to personalize your club page.
Each club will have a sign on and password for the website to add trail conditions to the Trail Condition Page. You click under your area to add the days conditions and once you save it it automatically goes over to the Facebook page also.
We ask you use trail number and junctions when possible to talk about your trail conditions. You can use the local nicknames for trails also but outsiders do not know these. Heck some locals don’t know the names. We are using four phrases to describe our trails. The trail condition only shows the most current one and does not post past trail conditions. We could change that if you want to but I feel it gets too much to look at and you just want to look at the one or two lines that tells you present conditions. Let me know your thoughts on this.SmileSmileSmile
Terms & Definitions for Trail Report:
Excellent- Smooth Trails you don’t want to miss!
Good- Could be Bumps or Moguls in the corners only. Straight-always are good.
Fair- Bumps or Moguls in the corners and some straight-always. Grooming may be limited by temperatures and snow conditions.
Marginal- Minimum coverage of snow and maybe bare spots. Due to warm temperatures or snow conditions we are unable to groom.
Trails Closed- Trails are closed at this time due to no base coverage. We need about 12 inches of fresh snow to create a 3 inch base to open the trails. Latest conditions will be posted here as well as through our email alerts. Please stay off the trails until you see a message on our website or face book page that they have opened.
Corridor Trails are typically groomed at least 3 times a week. Secondary Trails are groomed 2 times a week.
We are working on giving an accurate grooming and trail condition report. The Trail Condition terms and definitions that we will use in our reports should help with an accurate common understanding of trail conditions. The purpose of the report is to help snowmobilers make decisions about their trips and to insure their safety. The report will be expanded as sources provide accurate information.
I still need to do the photo gallery which will take some time collecting all the photos and categorizing them.
If people has suggestions or changes please let me know.
Thanks Deb
Deb Christy
St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association
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