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The Town of De Kalb

The Town of DeKalb is located between the St. Lawrence River and the foothills of the Adirondacks and encompasses the hamlet of DeKalb Junction, the Village of Richville, and the hamlets of DeKalb, Kendrew and Bigelow.  William Cooper of Cooperstown arranged the purchase of De Kalb in February of 1803. The Town of DeKalb was officially chartered by the NYS legislature on February 22, 1806.  The first “village” in the township of DeKalb was known as Williamstown or Coopers Village which, by 1814, was a village offering most necessary frontier services. In 1820, when the Coopers were no longer involved, it became known as DeKalb Village. [Click on History in the list on the right for much more information on the history of DeKalb and Richville.]


The Town Hall is located at 2907 County Route 17, DeKalb Junction, NY 13630, 
Phone: 347-3331
Town Supervisor - - John M. Frary
Town Clerk - - - - - - Barbara A Creazzo
Town Board Member - - Michael Livingston
Town Board Member - - Harold Lowery
Town Board Member - - Jody Hamilton
Town Board Member - - Rae Ann Davis
Town Justice - - Howard Putney
Assessor - - Robert B. Ball
Code Enforcement Officer - - William Chambers
Town Attorney - - Charles B Nash
Town Historian - Bryan Thompson

Department Pages:

April 17, 2015

The DeKalb Town Board will hold a special meeting April 21, 2015 at 5:30 PM.  Board Members will meet at the Hermon-DeKalb School to begin a traveling meeting, to experience and discuss the conditions of Town of DeKalb Roads.  This meeting is intended to give the Board the opportunity to explore the various roadways under consideration for work to be completed this summer.  

Helen Hinsdale Rich St Lawrence Counties First Suffragette
April 16, 2015

Helen Rich was the first woman from St Lawrence County to take a public stand for the womanís right to vote. To find out more about this local poet and lecturer attend the discussion of her life by Bryan Thompson, 7 p.m. Monday April 27 at the Town of De Kalb Historical Associationís Meetinghouse Museum, 696 E. DeKalb Rd., DeKalb Jct. The discussion is free and open to the public.


Helen Rich, born in Antwerp in 1827, was the wife of Richville native Moses Rich and a mother of three. By the age of 35, she was a poet, author, and a public speaker active in temperance, womanís rights and other reform causes. During the Civil War while participating in a local Union Army recruitment campaign she began to advocate for votes for women. By 1895 she was asked to write and present a special birthday poem at the Chicago celebration of Elizabeth Cady Stantonís 80th birthday.


For further information about this event please call 347-2178.


Notice from the Town of DeKalb Highway Department
April 15, 2015

The Hermon-DeKalb Teachers Association will be hosting a 5K run/walk on May 16th and have asked the town of DeKalb highway department to close the East DeKalb Road between US Highway 11 and County Route 17.  The closing of the road will be from 9:30 AM to approximately 11:30 AM to ensure the safety of the participants.


The town will post personnel at both ends of the road, should an emergency arise that requires opening of the road.


This fundraiser is sponsored by the National Honor Society and helps to provide scholarships; assist in paying for distance learning classes and AP exams.  It also helps to alleviate expenses for families undergoing medical treatments.


Thank you in advance for your consideration for this worthy cause, and may our small inconvenience help make this a GREAT and successful event.


Superintendent of highways Ė

Alan Garrand

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